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But you don't have to be. After spending over three decades in management and leadership, I would "bet the farm" that you're experiencing these all-too-common symptoms of "productivity" and "efficiency"...

Time Gained is Quickly Filled

Too many productivity tips can find you solutions for the short term, but in the real world that time gained is just filled back up with even more work. They are tactics, not a full solution.

Just as you need a strategy for finding time in the madness of unruly expectations, you also need to know how to manage the new work coming in by defending and protecting that time. You need to know how to set new expectations of yourself and your team. 

You need to know how to get the projects that have meaning to the company to make a difference, not just for you, for your team, but for your business and your customers and really leave your mark.

Self- Not Team-Improvement

Let's face it. You are where you are because you are a go-getter. You are someone who reaches above and beyond, never satisfied with being ordinary.

You can learn how to be more productive, but that doesn't translate to your team. Without having the entire story, you become more locked into an endless cycle of fighting fires, late nights, and working weekends.

The productivity tips you are learning, without a proper strategy, will just entrench you further.

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Motivation is Not Strategy

So many productivity books are about making you feel better about the situation, instead of showing you a path out of it. Sure, feeling good feels good, but if you aren't making measurable movement was it worth it?

The Secret was fun, and it is critical to know where you are heading, but wanting something and earning it are different things. Manifesting a new reality is done through good works; either hard work or smart work

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