Do You Have a Plan for 2022?

We can show ANY business owner in less than 45 minutes how to triple their current number of leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by $30 to $50 thousand dollars, WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

Which Struggle Can We Help Solve?

We help people become the best versions of themselves. Where is your biggest struggle?

Ink Your Marketing

It is a separate skillset to take a business from Zero to $1, then from $1 to $10 Million. 

We can show ANY business owner in less than 45 minutes how to triple their current number of leads, double their sales and increase their annual revenue by $30 to $50 thousand dollars, WITHOUT spending a cent on marketing or advertising.

Are you next?

Profit Acceleration Software™

If you would like us to assess your business using our revolutionary new Profit Acceleration SoftwareTM… detail the specific strategies that can generate massive financial breakthroughs for your business… hand you your own customized roadmap for success along with a detailed report that will position your business as the dominant force in your industry… just click the link below and schedule a day and time for us to speak

CEO Mindset

We help Aspiring Executives get control of their time with a balanced lifestyle by building a high performance team that eliminates the late nights and working weekends.

Step forward into Leadership with tactics and frameworks to create a culture of self-reliance, freeing you for promotion

Allow the team’s momentum, that you created, to propel you further, faster to become your rocket engine to massive impact.

We operate differently

Not just education, but a change of how we perceive success. Never sacrificing. 

Why Choose Us

Ink Your Dreams is built from a passion to help others become heroes to their children. Success in business is not success if it means sacrificing our families. 


We focus on Effective instead of Efficient, we create a culture of results over activity.


How we do anything, is how we would do everything. Attack each problem as our Best Self.


We help others become the very best versions of themselves to be the best for their family.

One-on-one, Group, DIY

The tools for success at the speed you want to find the level of success you need.

Jaime Perez - Century 21

Bottom line is I'm more satisfied, and there's just that clear road that I know I need to take. And whether it's business or personal, eventually the roads meet and then that's the happy place. And it's nice to say that I'm right there, right on that road. So, things are good. Thanks Justin.

Alexis Weisbrod - ORT America

You helped me articulate a skill set I didn't know I could access. You made me confident in my skills as something other than a dance teacher. You did more to positively impact my life than you can possibly imagine. I am so excited for your new venture. You are going to help so many people in so many ways.

Who is the BEST version of yourself?

Life is short. Be the best version of yourself, be the hero to your kids, be the husband or wife you committed to be.

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The difference between a strategy and a plan is that a strategy

When you start a small business, there are lots of things to

The concept of minding your own business means that while you are

We’ve all worked jobs we hated. We were underpaid, underappreciated and bored